Editor in Chief | Bart Luirink

Between Bitter Almonds and Good Hope | Evelyn Groenink

Creator of Echolocation | Judith Westerveld

Concept development, design and editor | Manzoo: Christina Månsson

ZAM identity & design | Studio Parkers: Thomas van der Meer, Ines Gall,

Web Support | Designserver: Marco Legemaate, René de Ree

This publication was created by ZAM with the support of the Dutch Fonds voor Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten, Th​e​ series, or excerpts from it, was also published by Maandblad Zuid-Afrika, OneWorld, Wordt Vervolgd and several other media in the Netherlands.

The work Echolocation was developed for the exhibition Re(as)sisting Narratives at Framer Framed in Amsterdam, an exhibition created by curator Chandra Frank.